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Dear Clients!

In summer 2018 from 14th of June until 15th of July St. Petersburg among other cities will play host to FIFA World Cup.

In according to the Order of Harbour Master of Big Port of Saint Petersburg dated 11.12.2017 No.02/kp-2220 Concerning restrictions to be implemented during FIFA World Cup 2018, for safety reasons, several restrictions of activities for handling companies related to some types of dangerous cargo in sea ports has been implemented.

We hereby inform you that basing on the above and according to Federal Law dated 08.11.2007 N 261-FZ Concerning sea ports in Russian Federation and amendments to certain Russian Federation legal acts, Part IV of the Rules for the Provision of Cargo Transshipment Services in Sea Ports approved by the Order of RF Ministry of Transport No. 182 dated 09.06.2014, other legal acts, as well as according to cl. 5.20., 6.1.7. of MSCC Bronka Rules for Services Rendering and contracts condition, the Operator will implement the following additional rules for handling of dangerous cargo starting from 25.05.2018 through 25.07.2018:

The Client shall:

1. Prior to submission of order for cargo handling to the Operator:

  • 1.1. Check by his own efforts, whether the cargo contains substances included in the Russian Register of Hazardous Chemical and Biological Substances issued by Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare: http://rpohv.ru/online/;
  • 1.2. Obtain a written permission from the Head of Regional Intergovernmental Control Center in St. Petersburg confirming non-restricted cargo (its substances and components) operations in accordance with the Edict and the Decree (hereinafter the Permission).

2. Provide the Permission to the Operator together with order for cargo acceptance for handling.

3. Not later than 72 (seventy two) hours prior to the expected handling date provide the information expressly confirming that the respective substance falls outside the scope of restrictions: 1

  • - trade name or similar;
  • - ?hemical formula or its part;
  • - part of IUPAK name (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry);
  • - CAS number (Chemical Abstracts Service) or its part;
  • - ELINECS/EINECS number (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances/ European List of Notified Chemical Substances) or its part.

In case of non-compliance with rules (cl. 1, 2 hereof) the Operator is entitled to refuse from service rendering with regard to dangerous cargo before the expiration of limiting period.

For further details concerning provision of information please refer to MSCC Bronka Service Center.

We appreciate your following the Operators rules.

Sincerely yours,
MSCC Bronka Administration

1The listed data shall be provided additionally to dangerous cargo information submitted in frames of Terminal Handling and Storage Agreement.