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Changes in Truck Visit Appointment

For Clients

Starting from the 1st of January 2017 MSCC Bronka stops the paper form acceptance of truck visit appointments and letters of attorney for the following cargo types: containers for loading, containers arriving on container vessels and empty containers for delivery to container depot.

Truck visit appointments and letters of attorney for drivers will be accepted by means of MSCC Bronka WEB-portal. To submit documents please enter the WEB-portal and click FOR CLIENTS button on the web site www.port-bronka.ru or follow the link: http://service.port-bronka.com/fnx/Forms/LoginForm.aspx.

In order to get access to MSCC Bronka WEB-portal please conclude the Contract for Information services with Fenix LLC.

For any questions concerning conclusion of the respective Contract please contact Fenix LLC Agreement and Invoicing Department:

Tel.: (812) 661-13-47

E-Mail: contract-ct@port-bronka.com