Fenix - port of Bronka Fenix company

The project in progress


  • In the paper "Development and substantiation of target directions of Saint-Petersburg Big Port development, which provide efficient development of Saint-Petersburg economy" (developer LLC "Maritime construction and technologies", customer Committee for transport-transit policy of Saint-Petersburg Government), Bronka territory has been marked as a promising opportunity of development of Saint-Petersburg Big Port


  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosmorport" is developing a project of access channel and shunting water area for Bronka port
  • Channel design received approval of the Main State Expert Review Board
  • Ministry of transport and Government of Saint-Petersburg initiate research work for development of the "Concept of development of promising districts (avantports) of Saint-Petersburg Big Port"
  • Work has been carried out for preliminary assessment of environmental impact of Bronka port, initiated by the Committee for transport-transit policy of Saint-Petersburg Government. Public hearings for preliminary hearing of environmental impact were held.
  • Bronka port designing commenced. Designer CJSC "GT Morstroy"


  • Environmental impact is assessed within the scope of this project. Developer LLC "Eco-Express-Service" (one of the leading developers of environmental project documentation in the North-West region".
  • The "Concept of development of promising districts (avantports) of Saint-Petersburg Big Port" has been approved by Saint-Petersburg Government and the Ministry of transport. Bronka port was marked down as the most promising port.
  • Works on modernization of multi-level junction in the section of southern dam end of flood protection facilities of Saint-Petersburg are carried out jointly with the Committee for improvement and road facilities, Committee for town-planning and architecture of Saint-Petersburg Government, Directorate for construction of transport detour of Saint-Petersburg of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, Federal Fiscal Enterprise "North-West Directorate of Rosstroy directorate of the complex of flood protection facilities of Saint-Petersburg".
  • "Fenix" LLC is participating in the socially significant project of Kronshtadt-supplying water main modernization.



  • In January the construction of objects of coastal infrastructure of MSCC Bronka was started.
  • The construction of the temporary driveway road to the first stage of the MSCC Bronka was ended.
  • LLC Fenix worked out borders for zones of placement of MMPK Bronka capital construction plants of federal significance, which were approved by St.Petersburg administration, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Economical Development and ratified by the order of Ministry of Transport #102 issued on 29 March 2011.
  • The construction of piling foundation of berths #3, 4 was ended.
  • The construction of piling foundation of berth #5 was started.
  • The committee of transport of State Duma of Russian Federation considered the MSCC Bronka project and accepted it as a strategic project for transport system of Russia.


  • Construction of approach channel to MSCC Bronka by order of the Government of the Russian Federation has been included into the subprogram "Maritime transport" of federal target program "Development of transport system in Russia (2010 2015)".
  • Public discussions of materials related to assessment of environmental impact of the multifunctional sea cargo complex Bronka have been held, due to technical amendment of design documentation.
  • Technical amendment of design documentation received positive environmental seal of approval of the Main Environmental Expert Committee.
  • Construction of permanent eastern bank protection have been completed.
  • Piling works on berths 5, 6 have been completed.
  • A site has been prepared for construction of MSCC Bronka buildings and structures.
  • Works on construction of highway junction connecting MSCC Bronka to Saint-Petersburg Ring Road have begun.
  • Piling works on berths 7, 8 have begun.


  • Construction of pile foundation and ferry berth decking 2 with wing wall was completed
  • Construction of pile foundation and multi-operated berth decking 1 was completed
  • Construction of container berth pile foundation 3 and 4 was completed
  • Construction of west coast-protecting structure was completed
  • The MSCC Bronka approach channel dredging has been started
  • Front sheet pile wall construction of all first phase berths was completed
  • Construction of water intake structure for independent fire-suppression system was completed
  • Construction of deep sea purified water output system was completed
  • Land reclamation works for the first phase complex was completed
  • In the Leningrad region waters was released 10 000 Ladoga lake char yearlings as a part of first stage of aquatic biological resources indemnity project


  • Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Fenix LLC and Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System of Russia signed an agreement of intent for construction of electrical substation Lomonosovskaya for MSCC Bronka power supply.
  • Completion of stage one berths concrete pouring, total berths length 1430 m.
  • Completion of stage one berths paving.
  • Completion of temporary road construction.
  • Completion of boiler building construction.
  • Completion of gas pipeline construction works


  • Completion of water treatment facilities and runoff water sewer construction works.
  • Delivery of 4 STS Post Panamax cranes and 10 RTG cranes to MSCC Bronka
  • Delivery to MSCC Bronka of a unique mobile crane with lifting capacity 302 t.
  • Completion of works for construction of all buildings and facilities for the stage one.
  • Handling of the first cargo vessels at port Bronka.


  • MSCC Bronka started handling of CMA CGM regular calls
  • First application of twin lift spreader system in the North-West of Russia
  • MSCC Bronka started cooperation with the forwarding companies