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Preservation of the environment

The Company "Fenix" considers protection of the environment as one of the priority issues that have to be solved during MSCC "Bronka" projection and construction. At initial stage a complex research was initiated by the company "Fenix". The goal of this research was to review the impact of the project on the environment and to elaborate control measures. In accordance with the "Regulation of impact of business and other activates on the environment in the Russian Federation" the ecological safety foundation of the project as well as evaluation of influence on the environment have been made. From May to July 2009 a complex research has been carried out. Leading experts in ecology and environment were involved in this research.

The research concerned the following issues:

  • Impact on hydrologic behavior of Nevskaya Guba Gulf
  • Impact on ichthyofauna
  • Impact on ornitofauna
  • Impact on residential area

Main conclusions of the environmental expertise:

  • MSCC "Bronka" realization will cause minimum impact on the environment in Lomonosov area.
  • MSCC "Bronka" is designed with the most possible ecological safety, the project corresponds to international and Russian environmental standards.
  • Ecological support of MSCC "Bronka" project realization is organized in accordance with Russian legislature and applicable environmental norms.

Expert research which includes measures on minimization of ecological impact on the environment was presented to public in July 2009. During the public hearings citizens of Lomonosov, representatives of public organizations and journalists showed their interest to the project and took part in projects discussion. Their recommendations were taken into account by the projects initiator.

Moreover, two authoritative public ecological organizations were invited to conduct
an independent environmental expertise:

  • Russian Public Institution "Public Institute of Environmental Expertise"
  • International Academy of Ecological Science, Human and Nature Security.

The independent environmental expertise confirmed the results of the complex research that had been made before. Comments and recommendations from the ecologists will be considered during all stages of MSCC "Bronka" project realization.

All the building process is controlled by especial organizations that check the state of the environment, evaluate and predict the changes of that state under the influence of nature and anthropogenic factors. This ecological monitoring includes investigation of air, water object, geological environment, water bioresources and ornithological monitoring. The monitoring program was developed on a base of such a program approved by the state commission of ecological examination during the consideration of project documentation. During the construction carries on the industrial ecological control, which provides the system of measures directed on prevention, detection and suppression of violation of the legislation in the field of environmental protection and enforcement of requirement of environmental protection. This control implies the checking of environmental arrangements provided by the project, the content of appropriate documentation, waste management during the construction and the day and night noise-level control produced on a boundary with residential development and PA.